Discover S2 Ebike Display Dynamic Features for Your Riding Adventure!


Display screen material: 3.5″ VA LCD

Adaptive Battery Voltage: 24V/36V/48V/52V/60V/72V

Power assist mode: 0-3/0-5/0-6/0-9

Shell material: PC

Window material: Acrylic

Communication protocols: UART/485/CAN

Handlebar sizes: Φ22.2mm/Φ25.4mm/Φ31.8mm

Waterproof Level: IP65

Immerse yourself in an advanced riding journey with the S2 Ebike Display!


Ebike Display

S2 Ebike display screen

Expansive S2 Ebike Display: Enjoy a spacious 3.5″ VA LCD screen offering vivid visuals and effortless readability throughout your ride.

Customizable Power Assist Modes: Tailor your ride intensity with an array of power assist modes, providing flexible options for personalized riding experiences.

Sturdy Shell and Window Material: Constructed with durable PC shell and acrylic window materials, ensuring longevity and clear visibility for uninterrupted riding enjoyment.


Ebike Display

Versatile Battery Voltage Adaptability: Compatible with a wide range of battery voltages, enabling integration with various eBike systems without constraints.

Multi-Protocol Communication Support: Compatibility with multiple communication protocols like UART, 485, and CAN, ensuring connectivity across diverse eBike configurations.

Flexible Handlebar Sizes: Available in various handlebar sizes, ensuring easy installation across different eBike models for a hassle-free riding experience.


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Additional information

Display screen material

3.2 VA LCD

Adaptive Battery Voltage


Power assist mode


Shell material


Window material


Communication protocols


Handlebar sizes


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