DM02 Mid Drive Motor
Torque Sensor / Cadence Sensor

DM02 Mid Drive Motor

Torque Sensor / Cadence Sensor

With up to 500W power, 90Nm torque, and an integrated sensor, it offers enhanced performance. It’s also IP65 waterproof for all-weather suitability.

The key Features of DM02 Mid

Drive E-bike Motor!

Max Rated Power


Max Torque


Max Speed


Working Voltage


Working Temperature


dm-02 mid drive motor



DM02 Ebike Mid-Drive Motor:

Equipped with Torque Sensor & Cadence Sensor.

Up to 500W Rated Power Output.

Output Torque of 90Nm.

Compatible With 24,36, 48, 52,60 Volts Battery Range.


Better heat dissipation ensures cooler and longer operation, optimizing E-bike motor efficiency.

Enhanced power output ranging from 250W to 500W for dynamic e-bike performance.

High speed ratio (53) provides swift starts and impressive climbs.


Seamless integration with 95% of standard bike frames for easy installation of E-bike mid-drive motors.

Engineered for a smooth, comfortable journey, resembling the traditional bicycle feel.

Crafted from robust Aluminum alloys, ensuring durability in various environments.

Trusted by top electric bicycle manufacturers for enduring performance.

Upgrade Your E-bike Today with DM02 Mid-Drive Motor!

Attention: To ensure optimal functioning and longevity, we highly recommend using the motor within the prescribed voltage range. Any unauthorized alterations beyond this range may void the warranty coverage.


Mounting Position


Shell Color

Black / Silver

Rated Power

250W – 350W – 500w

Rated Voltage


Wheel Size


Max. Speed


Max. Output Torque


Speed Ratio


Assist Ratio




Sensor Style


Teeth Species

42T(or 34T/36T/ 38T/46T/52T)

Noise Level


Work Temperature


Motor Weight


Waterproof Level


① BB=68-73DM02-500DM02-350
DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 
Component PartSpecificationQtyBB=68BB=73
Axle ScrewM8X1X152
Left Crank170mm1
Non-standard NutM33.5X1.51
ScrewSee Column 6 or 72M6X16M6X20
Reinforced Plates 1
Lock washerSee Column 72×Φ6X5
Drive UnitDM02-500 or DM02-3501
Crankset42T or 46T1
Right Crank170mm1
② BB=100-110DM02L-500DM02L-350 
   DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 
Component PartSpecificationQtyBB=68BB=73
Axle ScrewM8X1X152
Left Crank170mm1
Non-standard NutM33.5X1.51
ScrewSee Column 6 or 72M6X50M6X60
Reinforced Plates 1
BushingSee Column 6 or 72Φ6X32Φ6X42
Drive UnitDM02L-500 or DM02L-3501
Right Crank170mm1
   ① BB=68   CL=50(or 59)  
         Model:   DM02-500     DM02-350

DM01 Mid Drive Motor Dimensions    

   ② BB=73   CL=52.5(or 61.5)  
         Model:    DM02-500     DM02-350

 DM01 Mid Drive Motor Dimensions    

    ③ BB=100    CL=66(or 75)  
          Model:     DM02L-500      DM02L-350

DM01 Mid Drive Motor Dimensions    

    ④ BB=110    CL=71(or 80)  
          Model:     DM02L-500      DM02L-350

DM01 Mid Drive Motor Dimensions

DM02 Mid Drive Motor Torque Sensor / Cadence Sensor














Conditions for use and storage:

1 Regular Operation Condition:
Relative Humidity:no greater than 95%
Atmospheric Pressure:86KPa--106 Ka

2 Storage Conditions:
For optimal performance and longevity, store the motor in a
controlled environment that meets the following conditions:
Ambient temperature: 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Relative humidity: Not exceeding 85%
Clean and well-ventilated space: Free of corrosive gases

1) Installation Tool 

   ① Special wrench:
   DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation               

   ② General tools:
            6mm  Allen wrench    
            8mm  Allen wrench
            5-8mm Slotted screwdriver
            3-5mm Phillips screwdriver

2) Crankset Mounting
   -  Tools: Special wrench

 - Step 1- Align the chainring 8 with the motor 7 : Ensure the
   internal splines of the chainring mesh perfectly with the external
   splines of the motor.

 - Step 2- Press-fit the chainring: Firmly press the chainring onto the
   motor axle until it reaches its seated position.

 - Step 3- Tighten the lock nut 9 : Using a special wrench, tighten
   the lock nut in a counterclockwise direction to a torque of 15 Nm.

   -  Diagram:
  DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

3) Motor Mounting

 - Position the motor: Place the motor on the right side of the bicycle
   frame, aligning it with the bottom bracket opening.

 - Insert the motor: Carefully guide the motor into the bottom bracket
   until it reaches its fully seated position.
   DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

    -   Reinforcement Plate Mounting
    -   Tools: 6mm Allen Wrench
    -   Components(see: factory configuration):Reinforcement plate 6、M6 screw 5、 
            M6 screw 4(X2)、washer or bushing 6(X2)
    -Requirement: Screw tightening torque 9-10Nm

    - BB=68

  DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

    - BB=73   washer specification  Φ6X5

  DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

    - BB=100  Bushing specification  Φ6X32
    - BB=110  Bushing specification  Φ6X42

   DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

    ③  Non-standard nuts installation
    -Tools: Special wrench
    -Components(see: factory configuration):non-standard nut 3
    -Requirement: before tightening the nut, turn the motor clockwise until the 
        motor is close to the lower tube of the frame and does not turn until it 
        stops, then use a special wrench to tighten the nut, torque is 45-50Nm when 

  DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

     ⑤  Crank Installation
        -Tool: 8mm Allen wrench
        -Components(see: factory configuration):axle screw 1 (X2)、left 
                crank 2 、 right crank 10
        -  Requirement: central axle screw locking torque is 35-40Nm

  DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation 

4. Speed Sensor Mounting: (MODEL:SVS1 and SVS2) 

① Required Tools:

 - Slotted screwdriver (5-8mm)
 - Phillips screwdriver (3-5mm)
 - 4mm Allen wrench
 - Scissors 

② Sensor Mounting: 

- Secure the sensor to the bicycle fork using two cable ties. 
  Ensure the sensor is positioned comfortably within the designated area. 

Magnet Installation: 

- Using a slotted screwdriver, attach the magnets to the spokes of your wheel.

- Alignment is crucial: During installation, ensure the flat surface of the magnet where the magnetic field 
  is strongest aligns directly with the circular mark on the sensor. 

③ Sensor Calibration Model: SVS1 - 

 - Sensor Adjustment: Locate the screws on the sensor using a Phillips screwdriver. 
   Loosen these screws slightly.

 - Distance Optimization: While holding the sensor in place, carefully move it to achieve a distance of 
   2-5mm between the circular mark on the sensor and the flat surface of the magnet (often where the magnetic field 
   is strongest).

 - Secure the Sensor: Once the optimal distance is achieved, tighten the screws securely using the Phillips screwdriver. 

Model: SVS2

 - Distance Information: This sensor model does not allow for distance adjustment between the sensor and the magnet.

 - Maximum Distance: Proper functionality can still be achieved as long as the distance between them remains within 15mm.

DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation DM01 Mid Drive Motor Installation
1-Sensor      2-Tie      3-Magnet    4-Screw   5-Receiver
1- Speed sensor 2-Cable tie 3-Magnet 4-ScrewM5X8 5-Receiver 6-Plastic cap
5) Wiring

① Basic Required Components:

 -  Display(Specialized or optional)
 -  Battery(user-provided)
 -  Speed sensor(Specialized)
 -  EB-Bus cable(Specialized or optional)

② Motor Connections:

Carefully plug the EB-Bus cable, battery, and speed sensor
connectors to their corresponding connectors on the motor. The
other ends of the EB-Bus cable connectors can be plugged into the
display, brake lever or brake sensor, throttle, etc.

③ Cable Routing Recommendation:
To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the cables, we
kindly recommend avoiding routing all cables through the narrow
space between the motor and the frame. This will help prevent the
cables from being pinched or damaged.

1) Products are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase
invoice issued to the end customer, if can not provide the purchase
invoice then no more than 15 months from the date of product

2)The warranty rights shall not be transferred to third parties (except as
agreed by both parties).

3) This warranty does not mean that seller's products are not free from
damage or permanent use.

Compatibility: Due to different communication protocols, our motors can only
be used with the accompanying accessories we provide and are not compatible
with accessories from other brands.

Using unauthorized accessories can cause damage to our motors and displays, and
we will be unable to provide any after-sales support.


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