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mid drive

It is crucial not to turn on the motor while riding or with your feet on the pedals. Doing so may result in a lack of power or even complete power loss. We recommend turning on the motor before starting your ride.

The factory default torque setting is designed to operate in a “safe” mode. This means that when the motor is stationary, there will be no power output, even if you apply significant force to the pedals. This safety feature is implemented to prevent unintended acceleration or movement.

No, it is not recommended to use a 1000W 52V motor with a 60V battery. The motor is designed to operate at 52V, and using a higher voltage will damage it.

If you want to use a 60V battery with your e-bike, you will need to purchase a motor that is specifically designed for 60V operation.

Our DM mid-drive motor options for eBikes typically offer standard chainring sizes of 42T and 46T, maintaining a center distance CL tolerance of 0. We also provide alternative chainring sizes such as 34T, 38T, and 52T. These chainrings are flat and come with an approximate 9mm offset. Please note that using these alternative chainrings may require adjustments to your bicycle’s cassette to ensure proper compatibility.

The DM01 and DM02 mid-drive motors are designed to function seamlessly with bicycles featuring bottom bracket lengths of 68, 73, 100, or 110mm. Unfortunately, at present, our motors are not compatible with bicycles equipped with 122mm bottom brackets. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this limitation.

To ensure compatibility with our eBike motors, it’s important that your chainring meets specific specifications, including a Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) of 110mm.

Please ensure that your chosen chainring adheres to these requirements for optimal compatibility with our eBike motors.

Our DM01 mid-drive motor is specifically engineered to be compatible with eBike batteries ranging from 48V to 60V. This means it seamlessly accommodates your 52V battery, even when it reaches approximately 58V upon full charge. You can trust that our mid-drive motor is fully compatible with your eBike’s battery specifications.

It’s all about the size of the bottom bracket. The DM02 has a bottom bracket that’s between 68mm and 73mm wide. The DM02L, on the other hand, goes a bit bigger with its bottom bracket size ranging from 100mm to 110mm. So, if you’re looking for something wider, the DM02L is your go-to.

Please note that the working voltage of our DM02 is from 24V-60V, 48V battery is within the range of our applicable battery voltage, you only need to adjust the motor voltage via the display to pair with the battery.

Due to differences in the internal parameters of the displays, we strongly advise against replacing the displays. If you do change it, make sure the display you change it to is compatible.

We would like to provide you with important information regarding the PAS function of our DM mid-drive motor.

Please be advised that the PAS function of this motor cannot be deactivated or turned off. The PAS sensor is an integral part of the system and cannot be disabled independently.

For the torque operation of the motor to function correctly, the following conditions are necessary:

Both the Torque Sensor and the PAS Sensor must be activated simultaneously. These two components work in tandem to ensure the proper operation of the torque-based pedal assist system.

hub motors

ToSeven’s eBike hub motors come in various power ratings, ranging from 250W to 2000W. The power rating determines the output of the motor, with higher ratings providing greater power assistance to the bike. Selecting the appropriate power rating depends on factors such as intended use, desired performance, and legal regulations governing eBike power limits in certain regions.

Our motors boast an IP65 Enclosure rating, signifying their “dust tight” designation and protection against water projected from a nozzle. They are engineered to be water-resistant, capable of withstanding light rain showers. However, they are not intended for prolonged exposure to water, high-pressure washing, or use on a motorized vehicle during adverse weather conditions. For optimal performance and longevity, it’s advised to avoid extended exposure to water or harsh weather situations.

Primarily, there are two main types of eBike hub motors: front hub motors and rear hub motors. Front hub motors are mounted within the front wheel hub, while rear hub motors are positioned within the rear wheel hub. These motors differ in their installation locations, impacting the balance, handling, and traction of the electric bike. Both types offer distinct advantages, and the choice between them often depends on factors such as riding preferences and specific eBike design considerations.

The speed capability of an eBike equipped with a hub motor is often determined by the motor’s power rating. Our ToSeven hub motors offer a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h, which is subject to the specific power rating of the motor. It’s important to adhere to local regulations and safety guidelines governing eBike speed limits, ensuring responsible and legal riding practices.

e-bike display

ToSeven’s eBike displays play a crucial role by offering riders immediate access to vital ride-related information. With real-time updates on battery status, speed, distance traveled, and remaining range, riders can effectively plan their trips, avoid running out of battery power mid-ride, and estimate their journey’s length before requiring a recharge.

If you encounter an error code displayed on your device, we recommend referring to the provided code list initially. Often, certain errors can be resolved by following the instructions outlined in the code list. These instructions are designed to provide simple solutions for common error occurrences.

alloy rims

ToSeven alloy rims are distinctive for their lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction, coupled with an integrated hub motor. This combination not only enhances handling due to the rim’s lightweight design but also ensures efficient power transfer through the hub motor, significantly boosting the overall performance of your e-bike. These rims represent a product that’s easy to maintain, improving the resilience and durability of your electric bike.

ToSeven’s alloy rims, paired with integrated hub motors, offer a dual advantage. The lightweight nature of the alloy rims enhances the eBike’s handling, while the integrated hub motor ensures efficient power transfer, thereby significantly elevating the bike’s performance. This combination not only improves the overall ride quality but also contributes to the e-bike’s resilience and ease of maintenance.

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Ensuring optimal performance and longevity of our products is our priority. However, attempting personal repairs is strongly discouraged as our products feature intricate components requiring specialized expertise and specific repair tools. DIY repairs without the necessary knowledge and experience may potentially damage the product and void the warranty. For any repair requirements, we recommend seeking assistance from our authorized distributors or dealers. Their skilled technicians possess the expertise to effectively handle repairs while upholding the integrity of our products. This ensures timely assistance without compromising the quality of service.

To ensure optimal performance, future firmware updates for our motors will be readily accessible for download on our official factory website. Updating the motor’s firmware is a straightforward process; customers can conveniently access and install the updates using our dedicated update tool, which is available for separate purchase. This allows users to easily keep their motor up-to-date with the latest enhancements and improvements.

At ToSeven, our standard packing procedure involves carefully packaging the products in cartons. We prioritize secure packaging methods, ensuring all items are adequately protected within sturdy and suitable cartons to prevent damage during transit. We strive to ensure your order arrives safely and in pristine condition. Your satisfaction with our packaging is a priority, and we welcome discussions about any specific packaging requests you may have.

The warranty offered by ToSeven for our motors is valid for 12 months from the Serial Number (SN) date of production. It’s important to note that while our warranty demonstrates our commitment to the quality of our products, it does not imply that our products are immune to damage or intended for indefinite use. Our warranty aims to ensure that our customers receive products free from manufacturing defects and faults within the specified warranty period. We are dedicated to providing reliable products and exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction with our products.

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