programming set

Please install the operation interface first before downloading DM01/DM02 located further down the page

pc programmer

PC Programmer​​

Controller programming cable​

Controller programming cable​​

Display programming cable​

Display programming cable​​

Display programming power plug​

Display programming power plug​​

Controller programming connection instruction​

Controller programming connection instruction​​


Display programming connection instruction​​

controller program updating insructions

NOTICE: Make sure to install the controller operation interface located at the very top of the page before installing this


Before proceeding, please ensure that the mid-motor is connected to the e-bike battery and the programmer is connected to the USB port on the computer host, as shown in the image on the right.

picture instruction for CONTROLLER PROGRAM
2 - picture instruction for CONTROLLER PROGRAM

Go to "Device Manager" in the "Management" option of "My Computer" and confirm which port (COM1, COM2, COM3...) of the computer the programmer is connected to.


Locate the “controller programming software” file on the desktop and double-click the software icon to enter the “controller programming interface”

controller program interface
controller program guide - 4
controller program guide

Once you enter the operation interface, click the 'UART' tab on the upper left corner to configure the UART port. Ensure it matches the programmer's port in the computer device manager (in step 2).

After configuring the port, return to the operation interface and click “Read Pack” on the controller programming interface.

Once “Read Pack” is clicked, a new pop-up box will appear, as depicted in the image.


Select and open the “controller update program” file, the following screen on the right side will be shown.

controller program guide - 5
controller program guide - 6

Click the “Program” button on the controller programming interface to start programming.


As soon as the programming is complete, the controller programming interface will display "Program successfully" as shown.

controller program guide - 7

After clicking the ‘Program’ button, if the “Application Error” dialog box shown
on the right appears, or if you see the message “Connect Fail”, close the dialog box and click the ‘Program’ button again to continue the update process.

This dialog box may appear multiple times. If it does, try unplugging the connection cable between the controller and the PC, reconnecting it, and then clicking ‘Program’ button to update the program again.


“COM” port configuration is only required when running the update program software for the first time. Once the port has been configured, there is no need to reconfigure it again. If an “application error” dialog box or “connect fail” occurs during the program updating, you need to unplug the connection between the controller and the PC and try restarting the update. Re-configuring the UART port is not necessary.


This update program is only compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows, not Windows 11

controller program guide - last part

Display program updating insructions

NOTE: The display download is for both DM01 and DM02.


Before starting, please connect the power, display and PC ,refer to the picture shown on the right.

display firmware 1
display programming software download

Double-click the "MH2020C" icon (as shown in the figure on the left) to enter the display
firmware interface.


Select the same port as when the controller program was updated.

display firmware 3
display firmware 4
display firmware 5

Click the red box.

Navigate to the display firmware update file’s (*.hex) location on your PC and select it.


After return to the display firmware interface, click "Step 2" to start downloading the program.

step 2 programming installation process
display firmware 7

Press and hold the power button while the program starts downloading.

When you see the Chinese message " 自 动 下 载 完 成 " which, in English, means "automatic download completed", the update is successful.

display firmware 8