Elevate Your Ride: Revolutionize Your Bike with Mid Motor Conversion Kits

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Mid Motor Conversion Kits


Introduction to Mid-Drive Motor Excellence

Mid-Drive E-Bike Motors are an engineering marvel, providing supplying a mix of efficiency, balance, refined control, all the while being green!

They are a symbol of e-bike engineering and development, beloved by enthusiasts for that exhilarating and authentic cycling feel.

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TransformING Your Bicycle with Mid Motor Conversion Kits

Looking for both dynamism and sustainability? Mid Motor Conversion Kits are your golden ticket. Introducing an interplay of exhilarating speed and commendable efficiency, these kits turn the humble bicycle into an electric powerhouse.

The DM01 Mid Drive Motor: A Powerhouse of Performance

DM-01 Mid drive motor

Maximize your adventures with the DM01 Mid Drive Motor. Its staggering 1000W power and 160Nm torque, paired with a dual-sensor system, deliver unrivaled on and off-road capabilities. 

Moreover, an IP65 waterproof rating ensures this motor faces any weather with unwavering determination.

Features of DM01 Mid Drive Motor:

  • Sensational Power Output of 1000W
  • Robust Torque of 160Nm
  • Advanced Cadence and Torque Sensors
  • All-Weather IP65 Waterproof Protection

The DM02 Mid Drive Motor: The Essence of Efficiency

DM-02 MId drive motor

For the perfect blend of vigor and vitality, the DM02 Mid Drive Motor is your steadfast companion. With 500W of power and 90Nm of torque, efficiency meets agility. 

Its built-in sensors fine-tune your ride, while its all-weather rating embraces every journey.

Features of DM02 Mid Drive Motor:

  • Balanced Power Output of 500W
  • Efficiency-Centric Torque of 90Nm
  • Precision-Oriented Cadence and Torque Sensors
  • All-Weather IP65 Waterproof Assurance


The PINNACLE of Mid-Drive Technology

Our DM01 & DM02 motors are crafted for all E-bike enjoyers alike. 

Whether it’s conquering steep trails or smoothly cruising with cargo loads, these motors redefine your e-biking experience. They mirror our commitment to eco-conscious durability and exceptional performance.

Seamless E-Bike Conversion with Our Mid Motor Kits

Our Mid Motor Conversion Kits embody the seamless transition from traditional biking to electric. Designed for effortless installation, they’re versatile to fit a variety of bike frames, and they come with all the tools you need.

DM01 and DM02 Kit Inclusions:

  • High-Speed, Quiet Mid Motor (DM01 or DM02)
  • User-Friendly T24 Display
  • Ergonomic Throttle and Cranks
  • Intuitive Brake Lever and Speed Sensor
  • Essential Installation Tools
  • Additional Locking Rings and Cable Wraps


Dm-01 Mid drive motor conversion kitDm-02 Mid drive motor conversion kit

Join the ToSeven Movement

At ToSeven, we are not mere manufacturers; we are visionaries of innovation. We stand at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions, blending passion and precision in each mid-drive motor. 

From conception to creation, we infuse every product with our ethos of driving change and committing to excellence.

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Conclusion: Your Journey Awaits With ToSeven’s Mid Motor Conversion Kits

Choose ToSeven’s Mid Motor Conversion Kits and Mid-Drive E-Bike Motors for a riding experience that pushes boundaries. 

As you transform your cycling experience, trust in our blend of power, performance, and dedication to greener transportation. Embrace the new era of biking with ToSeven—where your journey becomes a captivating reality.