Mid-drive motor vs hub motor: how to choose?

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Mid-drive motor vs hub motor


Well, let’s be honest, the best thing about an e-bike is that it has a motor to assist you and give you a push on your way.

There are two types of motors to choose from that we will discuss today: Mid-drive motor vs hub motor

So what’s the difference between these motors, and how do you choose the most suitable one?

What are Mid-drive motors?

mid-drive motor vs hub motor

There’s this motor called a mid-drive motor and it usually sits in the bottom bracket area of your bike – right in the middle of everything. And get this – your crankarms go right on the motor itself!

Now, mid-drive motors might be a little pricier and trickier to deal with, but they’re worth it because they feel so natural when you pedal. You’ll usually find them on fancier bikes since they can add some serious costs.

And check it, frame makers have to plan around mid-drive motors, so that’s part of what makes them cost more. However, they look pretty sweet, especially as bikes have evolved around them. So if you’re feeling fancy and want that smooth, natural ride, go for a mid-drive motor.

What are hub motors?

mid-drive motor vs hub motor

So, hub motors chill out in either the front or rear wheel hub and help push your bike forward with some electric oomph. Still, there are a few bikes that use dual hub motors, but these tend to be like a special case od custom design.

The vast majority of electric bikes have the hub motor mounted on the rear wheel, and these types are known to give you the feeling of being pushed from behind, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

As for front-hub motors, they offer the opposite experience, where you’ll feel like you’re being pulled along.

Also, they have an advantage over rear-hub motors, since they are smaller and normally lighter.

Mid-drive motor vs hub motor

If you’re trying to save some cash and still get that sweet electric bike experience, you’ll probably want to go with a hub drive system. It might not be as fancy as other options, but it’s simple, affordable, and packs enough power for your daily commute. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re not pedaling hard – the assist is based on how fast you’re pedaling.

But if you’re all about that high-performance life, you have got to go for a mid-drive system. They’re sleek, powerful, and more efficient so that you won’t burn through your battery as fast. Plus, they’re designed to keep the weight low on the bike, which makes handling way better.

And get this – they don’t add as much rotational weight as hub drive systems.

Mid-drive systems are going to cost you more, but if you’re looking for that refined, top-tier experience, a mid-drive is the way to go.

In the realm of electric bikes, the choice between a mid-drive motor and a hub motor is a crucial decision that significantly impacts the riding experience. As an industry leader, To7Motor understands the importance of this choice and offers insights into the distinctions between mid-drive and hub motors, ensuring riders make informed decisions when selecting their e-bikes.

Mid-Drive Motor: The Power at the Heart

Situated at the bike’s center near the bottom bracket, the mid-drive motor is a powerhouse directly linked to the bike’s chain and gears. This strategic placement optimizes weight distribution, providing stability and efficient power transfer to the wheels. To7Motor integrates mid-drive motors in select e-bike models, capitalizing on the advantages they bring to diverse riding scenarios.

Advantages of Mid-Drive Motors:

  1. Efficient Power Distribution: Mid-drive motors leverage the bike’s gears for optimal power distribution, ensuring superior performance on varied terrains.

  2. Improved Torque: Excelling in torque delivery, mid-drive motors are well-suited for off-road adventures and steep inclines, providing enhanced climbing capabilities.

  3. Battery Efficiency: Mid-drive motors are known for their energy efficiency, as they operate within an optimal RPM range, extending the overall battery life.

Hub Motor: Silent Efficiency at the Wheel

In contrast, hub motors are integrated directly into the bike’s wheels, providing a sleek and compact design. To7Motor offers e-bike models featuring hub motors, showcasing the advantages of this design for specific riding preferences.

Advantages of Hub Motors:

  1. Simplified Design: Hub motors boast a simplified design with fewer moving parts, resulting in quieter operation and ease of maintenance.

  2. Ease of Installation: The straightforward integration of hub motors makes them a preferred choice for manufacturers, streamlining the manufacturing process.

  3. Silent Operation: Hub motors operate almost silently, contributing to a tranquil riding experience, especially in urban environments.

To7Motor’s Innovation:

To7Motor understands the diverse needs of e-bike enthusiasts and strategically incorporates both mid-drive and hub motors into their lineup. For those craving the efficiency and torque of mid-drive motors, models like the TrailBlazer Pro offer a dynamic off-road experience. Simultaneously, e-bikes like the Urban Glide Pro, equipped with silent hub motors, cater to urban commuters seeking a seamless and noise-free ride.


In the Mid-drive motor vs hub motor, To7Motor emerges as a pioneer, offering e-bikes that cater to various preferences. Whether conquering rugged terrains or navigating city streets, To7Motor ensures riders have the power and efficiency they desire. Choose To7Motor for an electric biking experience that combines innovation, performance, and versatility.

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