John’s Epic E-Bike Journey through the Treacherous Mountains

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man on top of mountain holding bike viewing the city


John’s Epic Mountain Ascent

The first rays of dawn crept over the valley as John gazed up at the towering peak of Mount Washington. This would be the ultimate test for him and his prized e-bike – the one he custom built himself using only premium components he researched extensively.

The trail started out smooth, but soon turned rugged with loose rocks, exposed roots, and deep ruts from recent rains. John turned on his high-precision torque sensor motor. It delivered an instant surge of power, tuned exactly to his pedaling input. The 1000 watt mid-drive motor conquered the steepest inclines with ease.

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The scattered rocks and mud did little to slow John’s progress thanks to his fat, puncture-resistant tires and hydraulic disc brakes providing strong, consistent stopping power even in slippery conditions. He carved around hairpin turns with precision steering.

As John climbed into higher elevation, the winds whipped violently. But his lightweight yet robust carbon fiber frame soaked up vibrations while still transferring all his pedaling energy efficiently to the drivetrain.

John had made it above tree-line. Only the steep, barren upper slopes remained between him and the summit. He clicked his motor to the highest assist level, calling on the full power of his high-capacity battery to press onward when his legs grew weary. With the peak in sight, John traversed a field of loose scree. 

His wheels lost traction for a moment, but the brake sensors immediately triggered the motor cutoff to prevent a fall. After that brief pause, he was on his way again. 

As John rolled triumphantly onto the mountaintop overlook, tired but elated, he gazed back down the mountain appreciating how, because he chose the right e-bike components allowed him to conquer the formidable terrain.

man on top of mountain holding bike viewing the city


Your impressive achievement of summiting Mount Washington on your e-bike, Can you tell us what motivated you to take on such a notoriously difficult climb?

John: Well I’ve always loved exploring mountains and challenging trails. But as I’ve gotten older, my knees can’t handle the steep and rocky terrain like they used to. 

I didn’t want to give up this passion though. When I discovered e-mountain biking, I realized it was the perfect way for me to keep conquering peaks even with my physical limitations.

In your opinion, What is the most important aspect to consider when attempting to climb a mountain like Mount Washington on an e-bike?

John: Without a doubt, choosing the right e-bike components is critical to make it up tough mountain trails like I just conquered. Based on my experience, here are the 7 main components I’d recommend riders focus on if they want to take their e-bike onto steep, uneven terrain:

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  • 1000W torque sensor motor – Provides consistent power even on 30% inclines and tunes assistance to pedaling force
  • High capacity, high voltage Li-on battery – Extended range to keep you powered on an all-day ride
  • Carbon fiber frame – Lightweight for efficiency yet damps vibration and adds stability
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – Responsive, reliable braking control in all conditions
  • Fat tires – Excellent traction and shock absorption on loose, wet terrain
  • Brake sensors – Automatically cut motor power in a skid to avoid falls
  • Speed sensor – Allows tuning of power delivery based on real-time wheel speed

Carefully researching and investing in these core components enabled me to tackle Mount Washington’s steep slopes, rocky fields, high winds, and slippery conditions during my ascent. Focusing on the right e-bike parts makes conquering formidable mountain trails possible even as we age!

How did your e-bike enable you to scale such a mountain?


Mountain biker riding his bike down a rocky pathway with sharp grey rocks and ominous black clouds overshadowing green wavy hills in the background.

John: Sure, the trail was extremely steep and rocky. But My fat tires gripped the wet terrain and the 1000W motor tackled the 30% inclines with ease. The heavy winds threatened to knock me over at points, but the lightweight carbon frame helped keep me stable 

I don’t think I could have made it up some of those loose rock fields without the precision control of the torque sensor tuning the motor power to my exact pedaling force.

What advice would you give someone looking to take their e-bike onto challenging mountain trails?


John: I’d say invest in high-quality and trail-ready components. Carefully choosing components that suit your riding needs and the specific demands of the terrain is crucial. And don’t be afraid to turn up that pedal assist to full power when tackling the really steep sections!


Choosing the correct e-bike parts is the most important part of having a good & enjoyable e-bike riding experience, Don’t forget the list john has provided, keeping all the things in mind, adding some accessories, a few extra parts, and you’ll have more than just a really good e-bike!